ComfortZone Bite Splints

ComfortZone® Bite Splints from Drake Laboratories

When it comes to splint therapy, your patients deserve the highest quality occlusal protection available today. Our bite splints are crafted from superior grade materials and have proven time and again to provide the exceptional results you seek for your patients. Bite splints from Drake Laboratories are excellent for preventing bruxism, alleviating TMJ-related conditions and protecting the teeth during sports activities. Our occlusal splint products deliver the ultimate in patient comfort and care, reducing chair time by minimizing the need for adjustments.


ComfortZone® Bite Splints are recommended for use in patients with heavily restored anterior teeth and those exhibiting light to moderate parafunctional behavior. Made of a slightly flexible, thermosensitive material and waxed for enhanced resilience, these custom splints are easily adjusted during delivery to ensure ideal fit, function and comfort for your patients. Proven, predictable success resulting from the delivery of more than 50,000 of these splints renders ComfortZone® the prime choice for occlusal therapy among dental schools, general dentists and dental specialists worldwide.

Billy Drake Talks About ComfortZone®

ComfortZone® Plus

Provide best in class care with ComfortZone® Plus Bite Splints. Our unique dual-process fabrication involves a thermosensitive resin liner and Lucitone Clear processed methyl-methacrylate coating for added durability on occlusal surfaces. Recommended for patients engaging in severe parafunctional habits, ComfortZone® Plus Bite Splints are highly adaptable during the delivery process and designed for the ultimate in patient satisfaction.

The frameworks fit great! We haven’t had any issues seating them. Our other lab took over a month to get them back to us, so we are very happy with your lab time.Dr. Willis
Just wanted to show you the finished case. Very smooth running case. Patient loved his smile. He brought me pictures of Brad Pitt as an example of the teeth he wanted! Brad would have been proud. Great job!Dr. Britton
Thanks for the help and great job on CuSil Elite Partial. Great job on Estheti-Flex. Patient loved esthetics and fit.Dr. Bittler

ComfortZone® and ComfortZone® Plus Bite Splints

Exceed your patients’ expectations with ComfortZone® and ComfortZone Plus® Bite Splints. ComfortZone® products stand alone in quality when it comes to occlusal resistance, fit, and structural integrity and durability. These occlusal guards are virtually unbreakable and retain translucency, even after long-term wear. ComfortZone® products are suitable for most patients and second to none when protecting anterior restorations from wear and damage.

Build your practice while enhancing patient compliance. ComfortZone® products add excellent value to your services, providing your patients the pinnacle in occlusal splint therapy.

Product Recommendations: The cleaning regimen for ComfortZone® products is easy and cost-effective, involving either a toothpaste/toothbrush or over-the-counter denture cleaner. We recommend using alginate for impressions, if the models can be poured immediately and separated within one hour. Vinyl polysiloxane is an appropriate second option. Avoid using putty wash materials when impressing for these products.

Pro-Form Sports Guards

Do not leave your patients seeking ill-filling, over-the-counter, boil-and-bite mouth guards for sports activities. Offer your patients maximum gingival and dentition protection with Pro-Form sports guards from Drake Laboratories. These guards can be made in a variety of colors or color combinations, and are always customized for a secure fit and optimum comfort. Pro-form sports guard feature an advanced design, facilitating air flow for improved breathing capabilities and communication while engaged in athletic activity. Give your athletes peace of mind with our full coverage, impact absorbing sports guards.

Why settle for ordinary? Our products allow you to deliver the ultimate in dental care while maximizing comfort and convenience for your patients. For more information on superior quality bite splints and sports guards, contact Drake Laboratories today.

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