Cadent iTero Digital Impressions

Cadent iTero: High Quality, Putty-less Impressions

Cadent iTero Digital Impressions

Cadent iTero is the world’s first digital solution for the fabrication of all dental restorations. iTero utilizes an intra-oral scanner to capture the 3-D geometry of patients’ teeth. With enhanced visualization and real-time analytical tools, clinicians can make adjustments while the patient is still in the chair.

With thousands of cases already seated, iTero uses tout precise fitting restorations, up to 50% reduction in seating appointments, and increased patient satisfaction. By relying upon the dental laboratory, there are no restrictions on restorative materials and no compromises in aesthetics. Best of all, iTero is available at a fraction of the cost for other digital impression systems.

Here’s How it Works

At the Dentist’s Office

Scanning the patients’ prepped tooth area(s): iTero eliminates the “tray and putty” impression, replacing it with a highly-detailed, digital scan from the handheld scanner. Using real-time feedback, the dentist can now make real-time adjustments to the tooth-prep area. Once approved, the scan is sent to the lab.

At the Laboratory

Reviewing the digital model: Once received by the lab, the digital model is reviewed and any necessary adjustments are made to the virtual margin line and coping design. The model is then sent to Cadent for milling.

At Cadent

Milling the physical model: Utilizing the digital model, Cadent mills a physical model and removable dies, which are sent to the lab.

Back at the Laboratory

Creating the final restoration: Using the physical model, the lab creates the final restoration, adds aesthetic layering, and then ships the finished piece to the dental office.

Back at the Dentist’s Office

Seating of the final restoration: The dentist then seats the restoration with little adjustment time, enabling the patient to enjoy their new smile!

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