Captek dental crown restorations

Captek™ Alternative to Traditional PFM Restoration


  • Excellent Esthetics / No Gray Line at the Margin
  • Conservative Tooth Preparation / Less Tooth Reduction Required
  • Clinically Proven Biocompatibility
  • Minimizes Bacterial Build-up / Leads to Healthier Periodontal Tissue
  • Highly Accurate Internal Fit and Marginal Integrity
  • Convenience of Cementability
  • Over 20,000 Units Produced

Product Description: The Captek™ crown represents an alternative to a conventional cast metal PFM restoration. This unique high noble, rich yellow colored coping is manufactured via a patented technique and formulation utilizing capillary action and infusion to create a thin, high strength metal substrate. This technology combined with high strength ceramic materials and Drake creativity and experience enables us to offer you and your patient a conservative, strong, and highly esthetic restoration.

ADA Insurance Codes: Single Crown D2720 / Bridge Abutment D6750 / Bridge Pontic D6240

Product Indications: Single anterior and posterior crowns. The Captek™ restoration is ideal for anterior crowns with less than 1.0mm of facial reduction.

Product Contra-Indications: Not recommended for posterior restorations with less than 1.5mm occlusal clearance or metal bearing surfaces.

Recommended Preparation Type: Conventional crown and bridge preparation techniques are acceptable.

Recommended Incisal/Occlusal clearance measurement (mm): Superior esthetics can be accomplished at 0.8-1.0mm facial reduction on anterior crowns when typical reduction is not possible and the routinely recommended 1.5-2.0mm of occlusal clearance for posterior crowns.

Recommended Shade Guide: Vita Classic and Chromascop®

Recommended Cement and Technique: Any crown and bridge cement can be used. The best bond strength is accomplished with Panavia or Meta Bond C&B.

Benefits for the Doctor

  • Excellent Esthetics / Porcelain Veneered over yellow gold substrate
  • Clinically Acceptable for Over 10 years
  • User Friendly/Conventional crown and bridge procedure
  • Excellent Fit
  • Highest Insurance Reimbursement
  • Routine PFM Preparation

Benefits for the Patients

  • Natural Esthetics
  • Clinically Proven Biocompatibility
  • Long Lasting

Helpful Hints: To achieve optimum vitality, in the esthetic zone, the 90 porcelain shoulder margin is recommended.

Captek is a registered trademark of Precious Chemicals, Inc.

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