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Digital technology is advancing dentistry in many ways, and newest to the game are dentures. With this advancement in the milled denture world come better fitting products that patients and dentists can both agree on! Eliminating the inaccuracies of stone models, and quite a few try-in appointments (compared to conventional denture fabrication) the digital denture process has the ability to streamline the time spent visiting the dental office. Not only is this a timesaver to the patient, but it allows the dentist time to see other patients in the interim.

If you are unsure on which system to choose, please research each of these extensively. We are also happy to consult with you on a case-by case basis and provide any information that you may need. We’d be honored to be your digital lab of choice!

The frameworks fit great! We haven’t had any issues seating them. Our other lab took over a month to get them back to us, so we are very happy with your lab time.Dr. Willis
Just wanted to show you the finished case. Very smooth running case. Patient loved his smile. He brought me pictures of Brad Pitt as an example of the teeth he wanted! Brad would have been proud. Great job!Dr. Britton
Thanks for the help and great job on CuSil Elite Partial. Great job on Estheti-Flex. Patient loved esthetics and fit.Dr. Bittler

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