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Drake Laboratories Features Industry-Leading Digital Services

Drake Precision Dental Laboratories are proud to be an industry leader in digital services and technology, and partners with a number of companies also passionate about remaining at the forefront of innovation. Our ability to seamlessly connect and incorporate your digital data into our systems simplifies your business, drastically reducing chair and lab time while delivering top rate products to your patients.

Sirona CEREC Connect

Dentsply Sirona CEREC®

A pioneer in digital services, CEREC® technology has reached a level of widespread use. CEREC® digital impression scanning produces accuracy and imaging unrivaled by other systems. Our involvement with CEREC® Connect technology here at Drake Laboratories is steeped in history, knowledge and experience, as we have partnered with CEREC® for an extensive number of years and are intimately familiar with the technology. Your scan data is easily transferrable to our laboratories, streamlining your restorative process and helping your practice provide optimal care for your patients. In fact, our lab can create nearly our entire line of products with your CEREC® scan. Trust your patients’ restorations and oral health to our advanced CEREC® expertise and skill.

Bob Savage on Advanced Impressions

3Shape Trios®

Drake Laboratories have a long-standing relationship with 3Shape Trios®, and is an avid supporter of the software for multiple dental uses. As such, our computer design and manufacturing team employs this technology in more than 98 percent of our fixed prosthetic output. Incorporating a 3Shape Trios® scanner into your practice facilitates your ability to communicate with our labs, bringing the highest quality services and deliverables to your patients.

The frameworks fit great! We haven’t had any issues seating them. Our other lab took over a month to get them back to us, so we are very happy with your lab time.Dr. Willis
Just wanted to show you the finished case. Very smooth running case. Patient loved his smile. He brought me pictures of Brad Pitt as an example of the teeth he wanted! Brad would have been proud. Great job!Dr. Britton
Thanks for the help and great job on CuSil Elite Partial. Great job on Estheti-Flex. Patient loved esthetics and fit.Dr. Bittler

3Shape Trios® is a leader in intraoral scanning technology. The advanced system enables a triad of co-occurring digital services, including 3D color impression taking, intraoral camera imaging and shade measurement. The breadth of services Trios® technology facilitates are varied, and include:

  • Implant planning and surgical guidance
  • Implant abutments, bars and bridges
  • Removable partial dentures
  • Temporary crowns
  • Virtual wax-ups
  • Crown and bridge
  • Post and core
  • Veneers, inlays and onlays
  • Orthodontics
  • Occlusal splints

3M™ True Definition

Known for its accuracy, efficiency and affordability, 3M™ True Definition Scanner is a game-changing addition to any dental practice. The lightweight, handheld scanner functions on 3D-in-motion video technology, affording real-time imaging with the ultimate in accuracy. 3M™ True Definition scans integrate seamlessly into our digital services software programs via the 3M™ Connection Center, enabling our CAD designers to expertly craft the high quality, precision restorations and appliances your patients deserve. 3M™ True Definition technology helps you deliver the ultimate in oral care in the following areas:

3M True Definition Scanner

  • Dental Implants
  • Post and Core
  • Preventive Solutions
  • Restorative Care
  • Cementation
  • Impressions

Drake Laboratories has proudly partnered with the 3M™ True Definition system since its institution.

Align Technologies – iTero®

Drake Laboratories was one of the first in the nation to beta test iTero® digital scanning technology. Designed to deliver unparalleled digital services to dental practices worldwide, iTero® technology affords the ultimate in impressing for a myriad of appliances. Align technologies incorporates iTero® scanning into its clear aligner orthodontic solutions for general practitioners and orthodontists. 3D digital models are easily maintained and ready for retrieval whenever necessary and for all types of services and procedures. Drake Laboratories easily accepts your digital impressions, from which we can fabricate nearly any appliance you require.

Carestream CS 3500

For precise 2D and 3D impressions, many practitioners rely on the Carestream CS 3500 intraoral scanner. Precise digital impressions are rendered in true color and easily integrated into Drake’s digital services systems for your restorative, implant and orthodontic deliverables. This innovative technology easily adapts to the needs of your practice and simplifies the process for fast, comfortable impressions. Enhance your practice workflow and enrich your patients’ dental experiences with the Carestream CS 3500 intraoral scanner.

Planmeca® Planscan™ (E4D Technologies)

E4D PlanmecaA leader in digital services, Planmeca® has paved the way in CAD/CAM solutions and imaging software. The Planmeca Planscan™ Scanner® from E4D Technologies offers ultra-fast scanning capabilities for all your restorative cases. Its sleek, ergonomic design affords the ultimate in comfort for clinicians and patients alike, usability and a heated mirror for fog elimination within the oral cavity. Continuously scan with consistency and reliability for superior quality imaging in absolute detail. Single wavelength blue laser technology is unique to the Planmeca Planscan™ Scanner®, enhancing image capturing to finite detail of tissue variations, restorations, impressions and models.

For cutting-edge digital services offering the ultimate in connectivity from dental practice to lab, turn to Drake. Contact us today for additional information on our integrated systems.

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