DuraTek Natural-Looking DurAcetal® Partial Framework

DuraTek Natural-Looking DurAcetal® Partial Framework

DuraTek Featuring DurAcetal®

  • Biocompatible & Bacteria/Stain Resistant
  • Lightweight Alternative to Metal Frameworks
  • Easily Designed just like a Metal Frame
  • Snap Fit with Excellent Retention
  • 19 Vita Shades to choose from
  • Utilizing Revolutionary VisiClear® & DurAcetal®
Duracetal Appliance

Product Description: DuraTek is Drake’s own partial produced utilizing DurAcetal. This is a natural looking material that can be made to match natural tooth shades. It is strong, durable, and more comfortable than conventional appliances. It is also non-porous, so it is bacteria and stain-resistant… NO ODOR! Partial framework can be designed just like metal partials but without the heaviness or metal taste. Most of all, it is comfortable and esthetically pleasing. It is available in 22 different tooth and tissue shades. DuraTek clasps can be used in place of wrought wire clasps on acrylic partials and in place of metal clasps on chrome partial frameworks.

Acrylic Partial

DuraTek is the ideal choice for comfort, function, and esthetics.

ADA Insurance Code: 5225 & 5226

Product Indications: Partial frameworks, clasps, unilaterals, nesbits, combination cases, clasps on acrylic partials, and clasps on metal frameworks.

Product Contra Indications:

Not recommended for full dentures or with cases having extremely tight occlusion.

Recommended Cleaning: Conventional denture cleanser and/or Toothpaste and Tooth brush is recommended.

Recommended Preparation Type: Conventional partial denture preparation

Recommended Shade Guide: Vita Classic and Vita 3D bleached shade guide

Benefits for the Patient:

  • Monomer free with no known allergic reactions
  • Resists stain and bacteria for longer life span
  • DuraTek does not break under daily stress
  • Clasps do not lose their retention over time
  • Material Flexes and clasps fit into undercuts
  • Excellent esthetics – looks natural in the mouth

Benefits for the Doctor:

  • Less time adjusting frameworks
  • Fits better with snap fit feature
  • Can be easily adjusted with a carbide bur
  • Can be easily repaired and added to
  • Matched to standard Vita shade guide
  • Maintains vertical dimension

Implant Provisionals and Unilaterals

  • Our Implant Provisionals are designed like a unilateral – clasping or “sleeving” the adjacent teeth.
  • Their purpose is to maintain the integrity of the implant site during healing.
  • They can be made from clear or various tooth shaded Duracetal depending on placement in the mouth.
  • 2 major benefits for the patient are their esthetic appearance and their ability to be worn at all times.

Call our Customer Service Team for more information on our various material options of UNILATERALS or our DURATEK IMPLANT PROVISIONALS.


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