Empress Dental Restorations

IPS Empress®: The Ultimate in Metal-Free Esthetics


  • Uncompromised Esthetics
  • Clinically Accepted
  • Biocompatible
  • Time Tested
  • Highly Prescribed
  • Over 25,000 Drake Produced Units

Product Description: The product that began the esthetic revolution. The Empress® product group is one of the most popular and highly prescribed products in the Team Drake portfolio. These systems are based on hot pressed glass technology. They provide the strength and reliability to produce most esthetic non-metal full coverage restorations.

ADA Insurance Codes: Empress® Single Crown 2740, Empress® Inlay 1 Surface 2610, Inlay 2 Surfaces 2620, Inlay 3 or more Surfaces 2642, Empress® Onlay 2 Surfaces 2642, Onlay 3 surfaces 2643, Onlay 4 or more Surfaces 2644, Empress® Veneer 2962.

Product Indications: Empress® is recommended for anterior crowns, veneers, and posterior inlays and onlays.
Product Contra-Indications: Empress® is NOT recommended for posterior crowns.
Recommended Preparation Type: To provide adequate strength, a minimum 1.0mm 90° shoulder is required with no sharp line angles.

Recommended Incisal/Occlusal clearance measurement (mm): The recommended ideal clearance for both systems is 1.5mm for anterior, and 2.0mm for posterior.

Recommended Shade Guide: Vita Classic and Chromascop®.

Recommended Cement and Technique: Restorations must be etched and bonded, preferably with the Variolink II system from Ivoclar Vivadent.

Benefits for the Doctor

  • Excellent Esthetics
  • Clinically Proven
  • Excellent Marginal Accuracy

Benefits for the Patients

  • Natural Esthetics
  • Biocompatibility
  • Long Lasting (Empress®)

Helpful Hints: To achieve optimum vitality, always provide us with a Stumpf shade.

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