Enamel Art Incrementally Built Laminate Veneers

Incrementally Built Laminate Veneer: Enamel Art by Drake

Enamel Art

  • Incrementally Built, Not Pressed
  • Minimal Tooth Reduction (.3mm-.6mm)
  • Ultimate in Esthetics
  • Mimics Natural Enamel
  • Precise Fit and Adaptation
  • Most Advanced Ceramic Materials
  • Ultimate in Patient Satisfaction
  • Unsurpassed Drake Customer Service

Product Description: The Enamel Art i.b.v., a Drake Original, is an incrementally built laminate veneer manufactured utilizing the newest and most advanced ceramic materials combined with the creativity and experience of Team Drake. These premium, bonded restorations were developed and are designed to assist you in providing the highest level of esthetics and longevity for your patients.

ADA Insurance Codes: Veneer 2962.

Product Indications: Enamel Art i.b.v. veneers, are indicated when there is minor to moderate tooth discoloration, and / or 2mm. or less of unsupported incisal porcelain will be present.

Product Contra-Indications: Enamel Art i.b.v. veneers are not indicated for teeth with significant tooth discoloration (severe tetracycline or endo treated) and / or more than 2 mm. of unsupported incisal porcelain (due to fracture or significant addition to incisal length) will be present.

Recommended Preparation Type: To insure excellent bond strength, a cervical chamfer with .5 mm. facial reduction and 1 mm. incisal reduction is required with no sharp line angles. The goal is to preserve as much enamel as possible.

Recommended Shade Guide: Vita Classic, Vita 3-D and Chromascop®.

Recommended Cement and Technique: Restorations must be etched and bonded, preferably with a light cure only luting adhesive.

Benefits for the Doctor

  • Excellent Esthetics
  • Clinically Proven
  • Superior Bond Strength (enamel supported)
  • Excellent Marginal Accuracy

Benefits for the Patients

  • Natural Esthetics
  • Biocompatibility (conservative preparation)
  • Long Lasting (enamel supported)

Helpful Hints: To achieve optimum predictability, please provide us with a set of pre-operative study casts for a diagnostic wax up and technician prepared cast.

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