Esthetic removable partials

Esthetic Removable Partials From Drake Laboratories

Drake Laboratories is proud to offer esthetic removable partial solutions to meet the varied needs of your patients. Our esthetic removable partials are crafted with the finest, most technologically advanced materials and techniques available today. Expertly blending the benefits of comfort, function and appearance, esthetic removables from Drake are designed with your patients in mind.

Client Testimonial

DuraTek Implant Provisional

Maintain an edentulous or implant site with Drake’s DuraTek implant provisional. This provisional affords comfort and function while upholding esthetics during the process of treatment planning for tooth replacement or osseointegration of an implant post. DuraTek implant provisionals are an excellent alternative to traditional interim options.

The frameworks fit great! We haven’t had any issues seating them. Our other lab took over a month to get them back to us, so we are very happy with your lab time.Dr. Willis
Just wanted to show you the finished case. Very smooth running case. Patient loved his smile. He brought me pictures of Brad Pitt as an example of the teeth he wanted! Brad would have been proud. Great job!Dr. Britton
Thanks for the help and great job on CuSil Elite Partial. Great job on Estheti-Flex. Patient loved esthetics and fit.Dr. Bittler

DuraTek Partials

To fabricate Duratek esthetic removable partials, Drake incorporates our own partial constructed with the revolutionary DurAcetal® material. DuraTek partials are constructed to compliment your patient’s natural dentition, and afford numerous advantages over conventional cast metal appliances. Such advantages include:

  • Biocompatibility
  • Stain and bacteria resistance
  • Non-porous, no odor, no metallic taste
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Lightweight, comfortable feel
  • Secure, snap fit with excellent retention

Available in 22 tooth and tissue shades, Duratek partials are versatile, flexible and ideal for multiple types of partial cases. Indications for use include partial denture frameworks, nesbits, clasps, clasps on acrylic, clasps on metal frameworks, unilaterals and combination cases.

Valplast® Partials

Widely recognized for comfort and flexibility, Valplast® partials deliver the high quality function and esthetics patients want from a tooth replacement solution. Drake Laboratories fabricates Valplast esthetic removable partials to manufacturer recommendations for the reliable, natural-looking product that has become an industry leader. Valplast® partials are expertly designed to balance biting forces, reducing stress and supporting appliance longevity. This stable solution in removable appliances is a favorite among patients when compared with traditional metal-based options.

Acrylic Partials

Acrylic partials offer strength, durability and a metal-free, esthetic design. Proven in patient satisfaction for affordability and appearance, acrylic partials from Drake are great option for multiple tooth replacement with a close, secure fit around gum tissues and teeth. Clear, wire or metal-cast clasps can be incorporated into the appliance, based on patient needs and preferences.

Bring maximum quality, esthetics and comfort to your tooth replacement treatment planning with esthetic removable partials from Drake Precision Dental Lab. For more information on our removable appliance solutions, contact our office today.

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