Highly esthetic restorations

Highly Esthetic Restorations for Brilliant Smiles

Help your patients achieve a natural-looking smile with highly esthetic restorations from Drake Precision Dental Lab. We use only premier materials when fabricating restorations for our clients, and are committed to providing exceptional quality assurance for every product leaving our lab. From our hands to yours, highly esthetic restorations from Drake are designed to deliver the unmitigated quality your patients deserve.

IPS e.max®

Ideal for both anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, IPS e.max® delivers the absolute in high end esthetics. IPS e.max® patented lithium disilicate all-ceramic material blends seamlessly with CAD/CAM design and manufacturing, delivering restorations rivaling the appearance of natural tooth structure. Uncompromising in quality and performance, and offering a flexural strength of 400 MPa in a monolithic restoration, IPS e.max® is available in a wide selection of translucencies and shades for complete customization and the ultimate in patient satisfaction. Advantages of choosing IPS e.max include:

  • Enhanced strength when pressed
  • Exceptional marginal integrity when pressed
  • Capability for anterior short span bridges
  • Layered technique for enhanced esthetics
  • Unrivaled color control
  • Biocompatibility

Though these restorations can be cemented conventionally, bonding achieves the greatest clinical results. IPS e.max® is not recommended for second molars.

Elizabeth Perry on Drake Laboratories Ultimate Goal

e.max® Crown Layered

The versatility of IPS e.max® is perhaps one of its greatest features, as these highly esthetic restorations can be monolithic or layered. While monolithic restorations afford superior strength, chip resistance and an overall balanced product, layered e.max® crowns deliver optimal, predictable esthetics and are therefore often preferred for anterior areas.

The frameworks fit great! We haven’t had any issues seating them. Our other lab took over a month to get them back to us, so we are very happy with your lab time.Dr. Willis
Just wanted to show you the finished case. Very smooth running case. Patient loved his smile. He brought me pictures of Brad Pitt as an example of the teeth he wanted! Brad would have been proud. Great job!Dr. Britton
Thanks for the help and great job on CuSil Elite Partial. Great job on Estheti-Flex. Patient loved esthetics and fit.Dr. Bittler

e.max® Crown Shaded

Our ability to achieve your desired shade is further enhanced with our shading techniques for IPS e.max® crowns. Drake’s process for determining the shade of these custom restorations incorporates the shade of the prepped tooth structure (in congruence with the IPS Natural Die Material shade guide), the restoration material and the cement/bonding agent. Our custom shade options and ability to match surrounding dentition are unequivocal with e.max® shaded crowns, offering your patients the high end esthetic smile they seek.

e.max® Veneer Layered

Each IPS e.max® restoration is veneered with the same ceramic component, giving a heightened uniformity in wear and glossy smoothness unachieved by other systems. With our e.max® veneer restorations, you can give your patients maximum esthetic results, integrating choice shading and inflection comparable to natural tooth surface.

e.max® Veneer Shaded

The shading selection for IPS e.max® veneers is varied, as are translucency options for these popular cosmetic restorations. E.max® veneers deliver maximum strength and natural appearance when compared to other veneer options. With the assistance of the IPS Natural Die Material shade guide, E.max® veneer shade is selected based on the color of the prepped tooth, which then helps determine shading for the veneer material and the cement or bonding agent used for affixation.

Z-Sthetic Zirconia

Featuring Zirlux® solid zirconia, Drake’s family of Z-Sthetic restorations are versatile and ideal for all areas of the mouth. Surpass your patients’ expectations with restorations exhibiting tremendous strength, biocompatibility and natural-looking esthetics. Exceeding the benchmark based on traditional PFM full coverage restorations, Z-Sthetic can have unlimited longevity. Other outstanding characteristics include:

  • Exceptional esthetics
  • Biocompatibility
  • Superior fit

Z-Sthetic restorations also have clinically proven, high strength zirconia frameworks (1200 MPa) veneered with high fusing porcelain.

Diagnostic Wax Ups

To ensure our diagnostic services remain second to none, we uniquely combine advanced digital technology with Drake’s own distinct brand of handcrafted excellence. For especially large cases or when the stakes are high, having diagnostic wax-ups affords time saving advantages, the ability to streamline your planning and preparation, and the patient a glimpse of how the final results will look.

IPS Empress®

Tried and true, IPS Empress® is the predecessor to e.max®. IPS Empress® offers pressed, Lucite-reinforced ceramic restorations known for their strength and incomparable esthetics. Excellent for anterior restorations when high esthetics are expected, IPS Empress® is the ultimate in metal-free restorations, and is known for the following features:

  • Enhanced vitality
  • Exceptional marginal integrity
  • Layered technique available for enhanced esthetics
  • Unrivaled color control
  • Biocompatibility

For balanced all-ceramic solutions, IPS Empress® highly esthetic restorations from Drake Laboratories are sure to meet your needs.

Our combined experience, technical expertise and commitment to quality render us a leader in the dental industry. For more information on our highly esthetic restorations, processes and materials, contact Drake Precision Dental Lab today.

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