Eco Noble Y+ Full Cast



Tradition Series:

Offered in a High Noble or a Noble, this series of PFM or Full Cast is here to give you and your patient the premier alloy selections that are some of the most trusted found on the market today.

  • Uncompromised Strength
  • Exceptional Esthetics
  • Conventional Preparation & Cementation
  • Excellent Marginal Integrity & Fit

Value Series:

In an effort to effectively manage the mounting financial pressures created by the dramatic shifts in our U.S. economy, we present our new Value Series of PFM and Full Cast Crowns & Bridges. All Value Series restorations will be fabricated by the same highly trained Drake technicians utilizing state of the art technologies. The only differences are the alloy compositions. By reducing the level of Gold and Palladium, we are able to reduce costs associated with the restorations significantly. In keeping with the Drake standard, Ceramco porcelain will be used to veneer the metal substructures for PFMs. As always, our DAMAS certification program, CDL status and FDA Registration provide that the manufacturer’s lot # of every material is placed in each restoration and is documented for future reference. This provides your practice with unparalleled liability and peace of mind!

Value Noble Y+ Full Cast:

Here’s a gold option that has never been so affordable! It is a Type III Noble Yellow alloy suitable for crowns and short span bridges. Combined with our state of the art digital workflow (shown in the photo at the top of the page) and technical expertise, its sure to meet your Full Cast restorative needs.

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