Z-Sthetic Featuring Zirlux® Solid Zirconia

Z-Sthetic Featuring Elite Solid Zirconia

Z-Sthetic Featuring Elite Solid Zirconia

  • No Gingival “Black Line”
  • High Strength & Bio compatibility
  • Excellent Esthetics due to porcelain surrounding









ADA Insurance Codes: Crown – D2740 / Bridge Abutment – D6740 / Pontic – D6245

Product Indications: Single Crowns, Splinted Crowns and Bridges up to and including full arch in any anterior and posterior position, except 2nd molar.

Product Contra-Indications: Z-sthetic restorations cannot be placed in areas in which the occlusal clearance is less than 2.0mm, bruxers or where there is poor posterior support and is not recommended for 2nd molars.

Recommended Preparation Type: The recommended preparations for Z-sthetic restorations are the rounded shoulder or chamfer preparation. The preparations should have polished or rounded external line angles to minimize stress and potential fracture.

Recommended Cement and Technique: Any crown and bridge cement can be used including Resin Modified Glass Ionomers. The best bond strength is accomplished with Resin Cement.

Helpful Hints: To achieve optimum vitality in the esthetic zone the rounded shoulder or deep (1.0) chamfer preparation is recommended.

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