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The Best Alternative For Braces:
Clear Dental Aligners

Concinnity [kənˈsinədē] NOUN
The skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something.

From simple to more complex teeth alignment, Drake and Concinnity Aligners™ are the best choice for clear aligners. Since 1956, Drake Precision Dental Laboratory Inc has been a trusted laboratory throughout the United States for every clinician’s restorative needs. One of the newest products in our comprehensive product portfolio, Concinnity Aligners are ideal for helping your patients flash the perfect smile.

What Is Concinnity?

Concinnity Aligners™ is a custom clear aligner system. They are a series of doctor (orthodontists or dentists) prescribed clear plastic removable aligners that are used as alternatives to traditional orthodontic wires and brackets for the alignment of maloccluded or misaligned teeth. This type of aligner moves the teeth gently, and in small increments, from their original misalignment to their final treated position for improved dental alignment.


What Are Its Benefits?

  • FDA 510K Cleared

  • Clear and Virtually Invisible

  • State of the Art Materials

  • Easily Removed

  • Effective

  • Affordable

  • Simple

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Intended Use

The Concinnity Aligners™ is used for the orthodontic treatment and correction of misaligned and maloccluded permanent teeth (i.e. all second molars). Its treatment options are as follows:

  • Crowding

  • Spacing

  • Midline Shifts

  • Overbite

  • Open Bite

  • Crossbite

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